Refund Policy


  • If the unlock code has not been found for a specific device, a refund will be processed within 24 hours (business day). All refunds can take up to 7 days to appear in customer’s account, which depends on customer’s credit/debit card company.
  • For any reason, if an unlock code doesn’t work on customer’s device and is we also unable to provide an alternate solution then please provide a video evidence as detailed below:
    • Enter *#06# into the phone keypad.
    • Show the IMEI of the device. 
    • Now, turn off the device.
    • Insert the SIM Card for the carrier that customer’s device is locked to.
    • Turn on the device.
    • Enter the ‘Unlock Code’ when asked by the device.
    • Show the unsuccessful error message. 
    • Send us a video evidence as an attachment to our email or upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video with the link sent to us. 
  • Video evidence helps us to investigate the issue(s):
    • Helps us to check and confirm details with the order form.
    • Helps us to see customer’s unlocking steps and can suggest an alternative solution, accordingly.
    • Helps us to unlock customer’s device.

Not Eligible:

  • If customer’s device was already unlocked before they have purchased an unlocking service. 
  • If customers are failed to provide a video evidence that shows the unlock code didn’t work. 
  • If customers provided the incorrect IMEI# and/or wrong carrier in the order form. 
  • Order for unlock service(s) cannot be canceled, once it has been submitting for processing. 
  • No refunds will be given once codes are delivered.